a thing which every one want to get as soon as possible in his college life and after the college life……

every one try in a different way……

a nice saying “the balloons of far distance seems good”….ya its true…..

until we not get a job we die for a job….and when we get this we never become as much happy as we thought before get this… its a human nature…..

its human nature that he compares himself with other blame to god…..can v instead of blaming say thanks to god….. don’t compare with other enjoy the gift that he gave to us….. 🙂

in colg days we think hat can be best if we got job with our friends… again its not a pleasant thing…cz when we get a job with our friends then our friendship start to change as our boss try to compare and try to bring competition feeling between frnds……i wish that i get a job not in a same company with my friends, instead of this i will  love to do job in the same city where my best buddy lives…… 🙂

how strange in colg lyf i used to be so angry on little things bt nw i have to learn calm and be patient when when other person is wrong and scolding me…. 😦

life changes during a job…….

job gives us responsibilities……many responsibilities……stops our little freedoms…… little worries…..

 i think really school life is best then college life and college life is best then the job life….. 🙂 🙂


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