The light of human connection …

It is in the artist’s smile when her creation is admired…. 🙂

It is in the musician’s heart when people stop to listen, tap their feet, and soak up his gift.

It is in the children’s faces and in their words when they are listened to and loved.

It is in the lost, the broken, and the hopeless when someone looks them in the eye and regards them as a human being.

It is in the elderly, in their deep facial lines, their precious memories, and that twinkle in the eye when treated with respect and kindness.

The light of human connection—it is right at our fingertips, right in our line of vision, but so often untouched and unseen beneath the veil of distraction,

beneath the hurry,

beneath the excessive stimulation,

beneath the technology, the to-do lists, the futile attempts at perfection.

But the light is there, and it is ours for the taking when we allow our soul to merge with another.

What is the point in being alive if you fail to see the light?

See it today.

See it in a child.

See it in a loved one.

See it in a friend or even a stranger.

And once you see it, let that marvelous light spill across your heart and bring what really matters clearly into focus…. 🙂 🙂Image








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