hostel life….

dedicated to my one frnd to whom i am missing from last some days…who is always wid me…. 🙂 the name of my that frnd is “RUCHI”…

ruchi this is for u…i am missing u…. 🙂

Imagei miss u when i become upset or become very happy cz in hostel life we used to eat choclate cone when i m vry upset and to change my mood we used to choclate cone…..and when ever i w very happy then too we used choclate cone or brownie…. 🙂 it was most favourite of u and me….. 🙂


Imagei miss u when i go to birla temple or moti dungri cz in hostel life whn ever i went these places u always said me to pray for both of us…… 🙂 :)Imagei miss u when ever i see ladoo or i eat cz in last days of colg u said tht “rohini, jb bhi ladoo khye mjhe bhi yad krna“…. 🙂

i always shared ladoo with u so u said me this…i will always miss u whnevr i will eat ladoo… 🙂



i miss u when i see any choclate cake or eat this cz u used to do fyts for choclate cakes…and nw without u there is no such fytsno tht fun….i miss u… 🙂


i miss u when i eat chocolate cz we used to do fyts to get choclates from each odr… 🙂 🙂 Image





we used to do fyts during exam tym to..and used to disturb in the exams…..i used to distrb u in the class in front of teacher….. 😉 😛




we spent a fabolous hostel life..i miss the tym which we spent togthr…..u will be always remembered by me whn evr th things of past will come in front of me…. 🙂

u was and nw too always wid me when ever i am sad or i m happy…. 🙂

thanks a lot yr…. 🙂  😛 😉 😀 




























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