12/12/12……unique date…..




A unique date which come once in 100 years….. 🙂

I saw that many people are considering it a lucky date so doing many religious works to make it better….. 🙂

Today there is my little faith also…...not because it is unique date because its my best buddy’s birthday…..a day which very year give me happiness as like it is my birthday…… 🙂 🙂

It’s really good and amazing to enjoy this unique date and birthday……..it giving me happiness…..

Today I was noticing that on this unique date other peoples are also happy and spreading happiness around……

Happiness was on the faces of little children when those are playing……

Happiness was on the faces of an old couple who was going alone with smiley faces…..

Happiness was on the faces of peoples who were in a long queue in front of “Moti Dungri Temple” in wait of their number….everyone was excited for their number……

Happiness was on the faces when there was a good wish of “good morning”…….

Happiness was on my best buddy’s face when she is getting wishes for her birthday….. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”……. 🙂 🙂

Happiness is everywhere just we need to look….and to feel…….. 🙂 🙂

i wish this day bring happiness in everyone’s life and birthday of my best buddy become rocking and memoryable……. 🙂 🙂


hostel life….

dedicated to my one frnd to whom i am missing from last some days…who is always wid me…. 🙂 the name of my that frnd is “RUCHI”…

ruchi this is for u…i am missing u…. 🙂

Imagei miss u when i become upset or become very happy cz in hostel life we used to eat choclate cone when i m vry upset and to change my mood we used to choclate cone…..and when ever i w very happy then too we used choclate cone or brownie…. 🙂 it was most favourite of u and me….. 🙂


Imagei miss u when i go to birla temple or moti dungri cz in hostel life whn ever i went these places u always said me to pray for both of us…… 🙂 :)Imagei miss u when ever i see ladoo or i eat cz in last days of colg u said tht “rohini, jb bhi ladoo khye mjhe bhi yad krna“…. 🙂

i always shared ladoo with u so u said me this…i will always miss u whnevr i will eat ladoo… 🙂



i miss u when i see any choclate cake or eat this cz u used to do fyts for choclate cakes…and nw without u there is no such fytsno tht fun….i miss u… 🙂


i miss u when i eat chocolate cz we used to do fyts to get choclates from each odr… 🙂 🙂 Image





we used to do fyts during exam tym to..and used to disturb in the exams…..i used to distrb u in the class in front of teacher….. 😉 😛




we spent a fabolous hostel life..i miss the tym which we spent togthr…..u will be always remembered by me whn evr th things of past will come in front of me…. 🙂

u was and nw too always wid me when ever i am sad or i m happy…. 🙂

thanks a lot yr…. 🙂  😛 😉 😀 





























The light of human connection …

It is in the artist’s smile when her creation is admired…. 🙂

It is in the musician’s heart when people stop to listen, tap their feet, and soak up his gift.

It is in the children’s faces and in their words when they are listened to and loved.

It is in the lost, the broken, and the hopeless when someone looks them in the eye and regards them as a human being.

It is in the elderly, in their deep facial lines, their precious memories, and that twinkle in the eye when treated with respect and kindness.

The light of human connection—it is right at our fingertips, right in our line of vision, but so often untouched and unseen beneath the veil of distraction,

beneath the hurry,

beneath the excessive stimulation,

beneath the technology, the to-do lists, the futile attempts at perfection.

But the light is there, and it is ours for the taking when we allow our soul to merge with another.

What is the point in being alive if you fail to see the light?

See it today.

See it in a child.

See it in a loved one.

See it in a friend or even a stranger.

And once you see it, let that marvelous light spill across your heart and bring what really matters clearly into focus…. 🙂 🙂Image







good bye……..

a word that hurts when used for your best buddy”……

the mean of gud bye is God Be With U…….with such a nice mean still no one want to use this word……..

recently after end of college life we used this word but without real feel of the word…..again i have to use this word and again i don’t want to feel real mean of this word…….Image


recently when i used this word i noticed some things which i want to share….

  • never use tears at the time of using this word…..tears bring separation from that person……
  • use this word with a smiley face and wish a good luck instead of good bye…… 🙂
  • always try to be in touch with that person. it will not make u to feel that there is any distance between ur best buddy….. 🙂


i wish u best of luck to my best buddy…… 🙂 🙂